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Events List June 2024

Defensive Carbine, Defensive Rifle 1.0from 10:00am - 2:00pm at Elverson Club at 343 Hopewell Rd Elverson PA 19520

A 4 hour course that provides the student with the basic skills and mindset required to confidently operate a rifle in a violent situation. The class is geared toward the student with little or no experience operating a defensive rifle. The class starts with a lively classroom session followed by active drills on the range. Close quarter and close range engagement are covered. After successful completion of this course, students will be better prepared and more confident to defend themselves and their families if required. While the class is more geared toward AR15 platform any carbine rifle is welcome from AK47, Mini-14, to pistol caliber carbines and 22LR carbines.
200 rounds of rifle and 50 rounds of pistol required. PLEASE NOTE:  If you have not taken a defensive pistol class you will not use your pistol for this class.

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ONE-HANDED DEFENSIVE PISTOLfrom 6:00pm - 9:00pm at New Garden Range at 1235 Newark Road Toughkenamon PA 19374

You are in serious bodily danger. What if you only had one hand available? Your other hand may be injured, pushing away bystanders, holding a flashlight… Shooting one handed is a vital skill that may be required for defensive shooting. It is also important for the recreational or competitive shooter to increase their skillset. This course will increase your skill in all aspects of one-handed pistol effectiveness.

3-hour Course of fire

Small class size



  • Apply solid foundation principles to one-handed shooting
  • Draw and presentation strong hand
  • Pistol transfer strong hand to weak hand
  • Draw and presentation support hand
  • Operational efficiency -  speed vs. accuracy
  • Reload one handed
  • Clear malfunctions, one handed
  • Shoot while moving one-handed

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Father's Day
Mid-Range Rifle/Room Clearing & Teamworkfrom 10:00am - 4:00pm at Thompsontown, PA

We are offering a special class at our range on the Tuscarora Mountain in Thompsontown, PA!
​Our range is in woods at the base of a mountain, 2.5 miles off the nearest paved road!
This curriculum will work you through close quarter engagement out to 200 yards using your carbine rifle and pistol. Much of the lesson plan will be based on military pre-deployment training. We will work on mid-level and higher end skills and tactics. We emphasize teamwork & communication while advancing on targets out to 200 yards. Moving while shooting and stationary cover fire is a large part of the class. We perform lots of transitioning drills from primary to secondary firearms with movement. Room clearing and team work, communication, complex problem solving and stress will all be covered. Get ready to flick your switch from defensive to offensive and learn how to win the fight! 6 hour course. $325. Only 12 slots being offered! $160 deposit required to hold your seat. Limited overnight accommodations are available. Please inquire as to availability.

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Intro to Practical Defensive Pistolfrom 6:00pm - 9:00pm at Elverson Club at 343 Hopewell Rd Elverson PA 19520

Join NRA Advanced Instructor, Jim Benoit for a comprehensive introductory class on defensive shooting. The curriculum is designed for women and men that have minimal experience in shooting their firearm and can demonstrate safe gun handling skills. Some experience shooting is a plus but not required.
We will review your grip, stance and sight picture to ensure all students are on track. You will shoot multiple targets while practicing muzzle discipline, trigger control and reset. We will introduce movement while shooting. 
Topics include: Use of Force,Grip, Stance, Draw, Shot Placement.

Join us to build your existing skills and develop new skills to defend yourself and those you love with like-minded people! Small class size in a friendly environment.

50 - 100 rounds required (Ammo is available at a discount to students. Please mention when registering)
Important: if class is indoors, you will need synthetic jacket, plated, or lead ammo only.
​We have synthetic 9mm available for purchase the day of class. Please let us know.

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Defensive Carry 4.0from 10:00am - 2:00pm at Elverson Club at 343 Hopewell Rd Elverson PA 19520

Held at Northern Chester County Sportsman’s Club - Elverson, PA 
Scheduled dates:  See Sign up below for dates 
An advanced 4 hour session for students that have successfully completed level 1 and level 2 or 3 Defensive Carry Classes.
The class will place heavy emphasis on accountability for every bullet. We build on skills learned so far in our classes and add to them.
Multiple Steel targets will be utilized as well as 3D torsos. Topics: Reinforcement of the Foundation, Complex Movement, Elevation Changes While Fighting, Use of Cover and Concealment, and Advanced Stress Inoculation.

  • Shooting from awkward  positions
  • Complex Shoot - Don’t shoot scenarios
  • Decision making while shooting
  • Complex movement and decision making
  • Stress inoculation

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