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Federal Firearms License Dealer

  • Prices are based on cash or check. Credit cards are accepted with a 3.5% processing fee added.
  • There are no returns on firearms, ammo, or special order items.
  • Deposits on guns on order or in stock are non-refundable. This applies to new or used inventory. Deposits to hold inventory for 1 week is 30% down.
  • Deposits on back-ordered guns are refundable provided the order has not gone through.
  • If you have a problem with a new gun, we will assist you with the shipping of the firearm back to the manufacturer. Postage and handling costs are paid by the owner of the gun or the manufacturer.
  • We accept deliveries from internet purchases and will do the required transfers and background checks for you. Examples would include online sellers and Gunbroker auctions. We also do person to person transfers. Please refer to the following guidelines:
  • Transfers are $65 cash only.
  • We only accept firearms from licensed dealers. The only exception is person to person transfers where both parties are present.
  • Transfers that do not include a copy of the seller's license is an additional $10
  • Transfers from the following locations are $80: Bud's, Cheaper Than Dirt, Grab a Gun, Palmetto State Armory, Sportsman's Guide, Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore,,, Sports South, LLC,


  • If you fail the background check, the fee is $150 and you do not get to take your gun home with you.
  • If you go into "Research", the fee is $150. If you are determined as eligible to own a gun, the money is credited toward your purchase LESS $50. If you are denied or undetermined, the above fee applies and you cannot purchase the gun.
  • If the seller does not include a copy of their license in the package there is an additional $25 fee for tracking it down.
  • If the seller packs the gun(s) in styrofoam peanuts or similar material, there is a $25 unpacking/cleanup/disposal fee.
  • Contact us before you make your purchase.
  • Transfers are by appointment.
  • We will contact you if the seller put your contact info in your package. If not, you must contact us.
  • Guns that are not picked up within 7 days of receiving them or have not been picked up after service are subject to a $60 per month storage fee. If the value of the gun is reached, we keep the gun for payment.
  • Guns are considered abandoned after 60 days of us logging them into our book or when payment is received if they are not picked up or shipped.
  • If you are "denied" or "undetermined" and cannot pass a background check and you either do not send in a challenge form or the challenge form comes back as denied, we will keep your firearm(s) as partial reimbursement for our time we will incur in dealing with the police and courts.
  • If you have any doubt about your background and eligibility to own a gun, do not order one from an online seller and ship it to us or attempt to buy from us. Contact the PA State Police and have a background check run on yourself prior to ordering. Use the PATCH System and be sure before you buy! Direct link:
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