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You guys were exceptional at maintaining safety while effectively teaching us intense skills. Impressive and much appreciated!! ~ DG, Reading, PA
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What a great class and team of instructors. I was exhausted once I got home. The focus to listen and learn was one aspect but it was the focus on shooting and safety that was mentally taxing. I understand how tunnel vision can impact one’s ability to engage effectively. When it was all over, I felt like a kid that just had his first E-ticket ride at Disney. It is now time to practice what was conveyed in class... ~ MG, Chester County, PA
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Jim, I enjoyed our time together. You indeed have a technical and teaching combination that is very special. Thank you, I am very appreciative of your patience and personality. ~ SZ, King of Prussia, PA
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You don’t know what you don’t know. A situation of threat to yourself or family is not a time to be clueless. This is education and skill you should seriously consider in today’s world. James Benoit is the best of the best. He not only instructs the true beginner, he instructs military and beyond being one who has a strong hand in those that become the best of the best.
Thank you Jim for a class that teaches safe and serious knowledge and skill but for also making it fun.
~ KB, Cecil County, MD
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Even with an injury, you ran another GREAT class. Thank you for making my husbands birthday awesome. We had a great time, learned a lot and it felt great getting more practice in at the range. Thank you! ~ LA, Chester County, PA
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Jim, I had a GREAT time and feel so much more comfortable. I have already told 5 women at my gym about my training today and will send out your class schedule to all of my students. I will definitely be back. Keep being great at what you do. Stay Safe. ~ JB, Malvern, PA
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Hi Jim,
I just wanted to thank you once again for the course last night. Tom and you were both very professional and patient with us who are new to the gun scene. My wife will be signing up for the Intro course on 11/13 or 12/01 to get her comfortable with our new "First" gun as well.
I did have a question as well. I just bought a Savage 110 Hunter Bolt 6.5 Creedmoor with a Burris Fullfield IV scope last week and will be hunting for the first time this year. I know your other course don't fit this type of Rifle, but I wanted to see if you or anyone at Cajun Arms would do a private lesson to show me how to sight in, safely load and unload and shoot a handful of rounds before I go deer hunting the third week of November. My friend who joined the class last night might be interested as well.
Thanks again and let me know your thoughts when you get a chance. I will be putting a 5 star rating with comment on your page this week.
~ DS, Chester County, PA
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Thanks again for the class on the tundra today. It was a lot to absorb in one sitting and there’s still so much to learn overall, so I appreciate the clarity and patience of your instructing style.
~ SH, West Chester, PA
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Jim - thanks for making the process/experience of purchasing my first firearm comfortable, convenient, and straightforward. I already feel less anxious and excited to learn more. ~ SW, Chester County, PA
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I attended your "Intro To Practical Defensive Pistol" class on September 9th 2020. Although I have been target-shooting for several years, this was the first "Defensive" firearm class I had ever taken, and it was well worth the investment. Having no prior experience in this type of training environment, and being a “seasoned citizen”, I was both excited and apprehensive about taking the class. Your meticulous attention and instruction, regarding firearm safety, helped to ease my apprehension and allowed me to better concentrate on the defensive fundamentals that you presented during the class. Being able to practice the fundamentals in a live-fire class was personally, both eye-opening and very helpful! Thank you for the individual pointers and feedback, you gave me and the other attendees throughout the class. They were most appreciated. I look forward to attending additional classes in the future. Keep up the good work. ~ BC, CHESTER COUNTY PA
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I am a first-time gun owner. I never shot a gun before. I needed to learn. I took the Intro to Practical Defensive Pistol. I was nervous and felt out of my league. Jim and the other instructor took their time with me. They made me feel comfortable. They wouldn’t let me quit even when I wanted to. He cares. He wants you to improve. The entire class was supportive. It’s a great environment to learn. I have a lot more confidence in myself and my ability. I will continue to take training classes with Jim.
It’s not target practice. He teaches you real skills with safety being paramount. I can’t thank you enough Jim for everything.
~ KA, West Chester, PA
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Hey Jim,
Your class over the weekend was top notch and I will definitely be recommending you to other LEO's and Military personnel. Nichole thought your class was badass and is looking forward to additional training. Her and I will be attending all additional classes you have to offer in the future. Whenever you get a chance can you please email me our certificates. Also if you need any help for anything in the future feel free to hit me up. Thanks again for everything
~ BD, Media, PA
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Hi Jim
Thanks for the encouraging words. Great class. It was fun, confidence building, yet humbling. Thank you.
I will take you up on your offer of one on one training. Im in the process of retiring, or at least trying to, and I hope to have more time after the first of the year. Looking forward to more classes and one on one."Class was awesome. No regrets whatsoever other than I wish I had brought my youngest along for the class as well. No worries as I wouldn't mind retaking the same class again. On our way to dinner last night my son said "Mom, do you feel safer after taking that class? I know I do." Hearing that made it worth every cent spent for him to attend.
I will say for myself that I found it empowering. Learning that avoidance is always the best choice, and why, was huge for me. No more "what if's", If its not you or your family then you walk away. Im a sucker for the underdog by nature so that aspect of the class was certainly beneficial and enlightening.
Loved the hand-to-hand exercises and learning the techniques. Too much maybe. lol I know that my heart rate and adrenaline started to rise once I got the technique down and I could have kept going with learning more. My son commented that I was starting to get a little rough and liking it too much. You say that avoidance is the best choice but if theres no other choice then commit and fight til the end. I know I have it in me to fight til the end... these techniques are so empowering... My chances of not only incapacitating my attacker for few seconds but also getting away, have probably more than doubled. My adrenaline is rising now just from writing this and thinking about all of it. I'm wanting to take every class you offer! :-)
On a lighter note, it was a true pleasure to meet you. You might have missed your calling with the military so that you could be the fantastic teacher and people person that you are. I'm sure you would have saved many if you had been in the service but i have a feeling you're being given the opportunity to save more at this point in your life with what you are sharing and teaching us.
~ KB, Rising Sun, MD
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Incredibly educational, thought provoking/intense and fun time with James today. Thank you so much for giving up a gorgeous Sunday to teach the NRA Defensive Concealed Pistol class. I'm so pumped right now from being on the target range all day. ❤️🔫 ~ CM, West Chester, PA
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Thank you very much for offering these classes to the public.
As always, very informative and enjoyable training.
Keep 'em coming!!
~ RB, West Chester, PA
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Hi Jim
Thanks for the encouraging words. Great class. It was fun, confidence building, yet humbling. Thank you.
I will take you up on your offer of one on one training. Im in the process of retiring, or at least trying to, and I hope to have more time after the first of the year. Looking forward to more classes and one on one.
~ DC, Plymouth Meeting, PA
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Good Morning Jim,
Yesterday was great. It’s so true when you say what we’re learning is muscle memory and it’s NOT like riding a bike, we do forget. The regular reinforcement and practice is critical.
Your assistant was really good. He had a great attitude, he knew how to make corrections clear and understandable. He knew how to balance correctional criticism with positive reinforcement.
I want to talk to you some time about getting my wife into one of your classes. You do a great job.
Thanks Jim
Take Care,
~ BA, West Chester, PA
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The training was much more impressive than I had anticipated. Well done and much appreciated.
When KB has a chance to send you some pictures, please pass on a few of me and Lauren. I am constantly encouraging friends to get trained. Might be useful to send a few pics.
~ JZ, West Chester, PA
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Thank you again for an amazing experience. Your knowledge, experience and personality made this class MUCH better than I anticipated. I plan on having my fiance taking this class once she gets her firearm by the end of this year. (NRA Defensive Pistol) ~ BN, West Chester, PA
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I learned so much in the class, Jim. Kudos for putting together not only a great practical app class, but, thoughtful class that forced us to truly think about mindset. I definitely look forward to engaging in more training with you later this year!
Thanks to everyone who attended, as well. It was great to be with a bunch of like minded, talented, and dedicated people!
~ MT, Swarthmore, PA
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Jim, thanks very much for your expert instruction today. My son said it was awesome! Thanks for giving him the opportunity to do such a variety of different things today. Thanks as well for your confidence in him. I know he was really excited about what he had he explained in great detail your 4 step method to his mom the moment we got home! I especially liked your attention to safety, your enthusiasm and philosophy.
It is something that he really likes, feels comfortable doing and seems pretty good at. We'll definitely be seeing u again. Thanks again Jim for a great day at the range!
~ KS, West Chester, PA
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Thank you Jim for a great class. My mind is full of all theses scenarios...could be good or bad LOL. Enjoyed the information... I think the information you gave was great. We need more stuff like this, and the situations presented gave a lot of thought to the what if... ~ BH, Elverson, PA
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Thank you sir. Great class! Enjoyed meeting everyone as well. Excellent way to spend a nice fall day, at the range learning new skills. I will definitely be looking into your other classes and making recommendations to others. ~ SN, Downingtown, PA
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Thanks so much for running a great class today. My wife and I really enjoyed it and learned a lot! We stopped for lunch on the way home and she kept saying how much more comfortable she is and how much more confidence she has now. So thanks again for a great class... but she couldn't feel her feet towards the end haha. I'm definitely interested in the next level pistol class and also you mentioned a carbine class you run I would likely be interested in that as well. I have very little carbine experience but would love to get formal training. Hope to talk to you again soon and thanks again! ~ ME, Folcroft, PA
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Hey Jim, Excellent class, I always enjoy spending a day on the range with you. Your insight and the way you teach are excellent.
I think you do a great job with your training program, the class size is perfect, and the attention level to the students is superb.
~ TH, Parkesburg, PA
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Just wanted to say thanks for the class yesterday. I appreciate your teaching style and how you make people feel comfortable. I enjoyed the drills, makes ya realize how boring it is to just go and shoot at a regular range and unrealistic it can be. I spent another hour running around with the 2 guys who were on the range next to us. That was fun and a workout! ~ JE, Quakertown, PA
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Jim: We had a great time and my son is already talking about his next courses. Appreciate you making time for us, it was a great father son day. ~ PB, West Chester, PA
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Wanted to thank you for your patience last weekend. Learned a lot - and very humbling!
One learning out of all this is that a 92FS may be a good home defense weapon but it sucks as a CCW - at least in my hands.
Now looking to fix that problem.
~ IR, Washington Crossing, PA
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It was a great class yesterday. I am trying to free myself for Sunday to come up.... Really appreciate your input... I like pushing it a bit as it shows when I get tired - like forgetting to put in the magazine before shooting ... ~ RG, Muncy, PA
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Great class today with Jim. We really got down in the dirt, literally, and got some great training. Jim and his associates do a superb job instructing as well as keeping the range under control and safe at all times. Because of this the level of concentration towards the curriculum is spot on.
Thanks for the training from today's class. I feel these classes are imperative in the sense that when I eventually choose to carry in public (which I do not right now) I will have some sense of responsibility in what I am doing. Personally, I feel if one does choose to carry in public along with it comes a whole set of responsibilities that you better be ready for hence my reason coming to you.
~ PM, Elverson, PA
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