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Why Are You Just Standing There? Shooting From Unconventional Positions

Why Are You Just Standing There? Shooting From Unconventional Positions

Cajun Arms Firearms Training

You don't know what you don't know

So you are shooting pretty well standing up. How well are you shooting from a kneeling, seated, prone position, or from your back? You say you’ve never shot from those positions? Has it occurred to you that if you need to defend yourself from a deadly threat the bad guy probably isn’t going to be square, perpendicular, and five yards away?

What happens if I fall?

Being on your feet in a fight is generally where you want to be. It allows you to be mobile and change angles, run for cover, etc. However, things happen. How about kneeling behind cover? Maybe you were caught unaware and need to make your way back to your feet. In our mid-level and advanced classes, we continually introduce new positions and combinations from which to shoot. Have you ever tried shooting from your back? How about seated on the deck, shooting one-handed? These are possible scenarios that you would have ideally practiced before you find yourself in one while attempting to defend your life.

How Cajun Arms can train you

A few of the positions we teach and train in class start with shooting from your back: Imagine you’re down and being attacked. The threat needs to stop. You will need to be mindful of your feet and legs as you engage the threat while doing a crunch of sorts. Shoot between your legs or roll to your weak side and engage from there. Sit up from there. Use a hand to push up if needed. Splaying your legs for a stable platform is a good idea. Shoot with both hands if available, or stabilize your foundation with your off-hand on the ground. Get to a knee. You are half way to your feet now. Whether a high or low kneel, engage the threat. Don’t forget to check your back for additional threats! Get to your feet! Move and get off the “X”. Run or close distance as needed and engage the threat as required. Now add variations to the above using angles and cover. Layer on some stress from the instructors…. You have the idea. Keep in mind, this just doesn’t pertain to pistols. It applies to rifle and shotgun too! So give all this a bit of thought. It is best to solve these problems during training, not in the middle of a real-world scenario. Then practice. Sign up for a class with Cajun Arms and be challenged.

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