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Training with Micro-Compacts

Training with Micro-Compacts

Cajun Arms Firearms training

While working with hundreds of new students/shooters every year we notice more and more show up to class toting a subcompact or smaller pistol. As instructors, we had to adapt to teaching new shooters with guns that are less than ideal for early proficiency. It's a great small package to carry on body but does not have much mass to help absorb recoil or prevent it from being snappy. While we still subscribe to the doctrine of carrying the largest pistol that is practical, we had to adapt some of our teaching methods.

Within the small guns, there are several we feel are "stupid small". We encourage micros in the size range of a 43x or P365 macro. They fit small hands, conceal easily but still have “shoot-ability”. In our retail store, we take the time to work through options with customers to ensure their purchase will work for them, and they will feel comfortable with their choice.

All that being said, when a student shows up for class with whatever micro-wonder they have, it is our job to teach them how to handle, shoot it, and develop skills.

Just remember, if you plan on taking classes, you will need at least 2, if not more, additional magazines. When you are on a line with students whose pistols hold 17 or more rounds and your pistol holds 10 or less… well, you do the math. This way you can continue to shoot rather than needing to fall back and load mags!

We will teach you proper grip, stance, presentation, etc. Your job will be to follow directions and squeeze tight. Locked wrists and forearm and grip strength will be very important for the student that is looking to build the required skills. Limp wrists and a loose grip will lead to frustration.

Any flaws in your form will be exaggerated with a small pistol. On the upside, this will make you a more disciplined shooter. If your foundation is strong, and you shoot well, any larger gun you shoot will be a walk in the park. Crushing your grip with your pinkies will start the proper grip pressure. We teach this in detail in class.

Many students begin their learning with a larger pistol and become quite proficient. We then encourage them to bring their smaller concealed carry pistol to the next class, so we can teach the differences in techniques required to continue proficiency!

We still recommend that you ideally begin formal instruction with a gun that fits but is on the larger size. All skills learned will translate to the micro. We also understand that not everyone has the budget for multiple guns and will come to class with micros. Cajun Arms is ready to take you on your pistol proficiency journey either way!

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