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AR15 for Home-Defense

AR15 for Home-Defense

Rifle training with Cajun Arms West Chester PA

The right gun for the job

Shotguns traditionally have been the long gun of choice for home defense since the Pilgrims brought their blunderbuss with them and propped it in the corner of their cabin.

Making good choices

The key to a home defense long gun is caliber and ammo selection. 30 caliber is simply too much for use in the home. An ideal round perhaps is .223 Remington. A soft point 55 grain bullet fired from a rifle is no more penetrative through common building materials than a pistol bullet and is an effective bad guy stopper. The small bullet typically creates massive internal damage and almost always stays with in the body.


The mild recoil associated with a modern sporting rifle (MSR) or AR15 is one of it's biggest advantages. People that are small of stature can handle the gun and keep its muzzle down and on target. The adjustable buttock allows the length of pull to fit a wide variety of shooters. These characteristics alone separate the MSR from a 12 gauge shotgun. Once trained, anyone in the house can successfully use it. This allows an AR15 to be a "pool" weapon - much like the long guns kept in a police cruiser for three shifts per day. No matter what shift you are working, the rifle can adjust to you, your stature, and your preferences.

Learn to use your rifle

With the proper ammunition and training, the AR15 can become your entire family's home defense gun. Contact us for more info and to check one out!

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