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Charlottesville - lies and hypocrites

We try not to get political or get involved with social issue debate, but the incident last week is just too much to keep quiet about. The BS meter is going off the charts. It is a complicated situation. We understand that. However, some of it seems very black and white. 


As a firearms instructor that teaches the prudent use of force, we advise if your car is surrounded by a group of hostile humans in the midst of exhibiting violent behavior and causing physical harm to others, you are justified to shoot them to save your life or the life of your passengers. You are also justified in putting your car in gear and driving slowly but decisively away. If the angry mob that is intent on harming you, block your way and go under vehicle, so be it. Their death is on them, not you. IF, however, you say that it’s ok to ram your car full speed into protestors that are not putting you in ANY imminent danger, you are a liar and/or hold some very serious myths and misconceptions to be true.


If your are a “southerner” and you believe in state’s rights preserving history though the use of statues and memorials, fine. I hear you. However, if you protest the removal of such while sporting Nazi or KKK shirts, you are a fraud and a liar.


Conversely, if you are an Antifa chanting violent slogans and use force and intimidation to shut down others, you are a fascist and a hypocrite. Antifa leaders admit they're willing to physically attack anyone who condones racism -- as long as force is used in the name of eradicating hatred. 


It also seems fairly easy to have predicted something undesirable would happen in Charlottesville. Why not stay home or find something else to do that day unless you were looking for excitement or trouble? Whether you hate our president or love him, there was fault on both sides in Charlotte.  The nazi and KKK types have been quiet for a long time now. Antifa just gave them the platform they’ve been looking for to crawl out from their rocks. Unfortunately, the good folks that came out to peacefully protest or counter-protest were sucked into a nasty maelstrom.

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