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A Follow Up to the “Hardest Shooting Fundamental”

A Follow Up to the “Hardest Shooting Fundamental”

Cajun Arms Firearms training

You heard it. Perhaps we’ve said it to you in class. “Follow through.” Or, “keep your head down.” The main reason is we want you to to stay on target for subsequent shots. Whether you are faced with a deadly force situation or hunting, it is presumptuous to think one shot will do the job. Keeping your sights on target is imperative if you need a follow up shot(s). When you shoot at non-reactive targets, it is natural to want to know if your shot impacted its intended target. (That’s one reason why we use steel targets so much in our classes). However, lifting your head impacts your accuracy through small and typically imperceptible movements. Moving the gun before the bullet is through the barrel is the real problem. The habit of living one’s head is often compounded over time and accuracy degrades along with it. The fix sounds easy but takes discipline. Force yourself to follow though after EVERY shot by purposely bringing your sights back on target. Once you do that, you can shoot again, check your shot, check your back…. This applies to pistol or rifle. With a scope mounted rifle, you should be able to call your own shots without a spotter. Keep that cheek weld is a great place to start. Join Cajun Arms for a class and refine all of your skills!
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