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Training Scars

Training Scars

Cajun Arms Firearms training

If you have attended a class with us in 2024, you’ve heard the instructors talk about getting out of our comfort zone and repairing training scars. Teaching on a new and much wider range this year has opened our eyes to the “range-isms” that many of us have developed. At Cajun Arms, range-isms refer to actions we do while training that would not apply in a real world scenario. We do these things so we can run another drill, stay within the range’s rules of safety, or common sense safety. Actions such as safe direction, holstering a hundred times, and shooting with one’s lane are examples.


When given the OK to move laterally and on diagonals while shooting, many students freeze and plant their feet and turret to engage multiple targets. This is a training scar, and it needs to be fixed. This is a quick blog so we will keep focusing on this one, but there are more that need “fixing”. Sight vs target focus is another big one coming soon.


We are dedicated to teaching skills as soon as possible to our students, but realize intermediate skills need to be built on a solid foundation. Advanced skills need to be built on a complete understanding of intermediate skills. We always explain the “why” of something we teach and show the students where we would like to ultimately take them.


If you haven’t been out to a class in a while, join us soon. You will see a renewed emphasis at every level on getting students off the X, moving their feet, and having the opportunity to shoot while moving in a safe, efficient, supervised manner.

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