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So You Want To Go Fast?

So You Want To Go Fast?

Firearms Training in PA with Cajun Arms

Can you accurately estimate the passing of time? No, not accurately without a timer or clock. If you try to concentrate on going fast while shooting, you will not be going ass fast as you perceive. And likely, you will not be as accurate as you should be. However, if you focus on the fundamentals and proper mechanics and shoot with a timer you will probably be pleasantly surprised as to the time. Those that attend our classes, whether pistol or carbine, understand how we constantly preach and work on your mechanics and accuracy while not beating you up about how fast you go. As cliche as it is, smooth is fast… Speed is a strategy. If you are defending yourself in a violent attack, typically the person that sends rounds to the adversary first will win. The key here is that must be hits; quality hits. Working on mechanics can increase our overall speed. Making your draw faster, getting your gun into your sight picture with lots of reps can achieve this goal. Mechanics and consistency is everything! The faster you can consistently get your sight picture on your pistol or carbine the quicker you can shoot. In class and during private lessons we will insist that you do not press your trigger until you have a good sight picture. This ultimately lead to a strong repeatable grip and proper mechanics. Seeing the sights and re-establishing a sight picture quickly between shots lends itself to still hands. Your grip is important during this process too. Often students are gripping too hard with their strong hand and not hard enough with their off hand. If speed is your focus during a session at the range, try going as fast as you can with your accuracy being a bit less than perfect. (Shots want to be at least within a few inches of your desired target. Missing paper is bad!) After several reps at a higher speed, throttle back and make your goal to see your sights before every trigger break. Repeat. You may be surprised to see your speed improve quite a bit during the sighted fire. The more you shoot, the faster you will be. Keeping your gun in control and learning what “feels right” will lead you to balance and proficiency. You know your training is progressing at a higher level when you’ve shot enough at the range to know what smooth feels like and as a result know if your speed is in line with your accuracy. Walk before you try to run and come train with Cajun Arms and take your shooting skills to a higher level. See you on the range.
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