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Appendix Carry - Is it right for you?

Appendix Carry - Is it right for you?

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Inside the Waistband

Many of today's bearded tactical sensations believe they invented appendix carry (AIWB). It's funny because it's been around for years. Back in the day it was called Mexican Carry when done without a holster. Folks that lived near the Mexican border that  traveled back and forth over the border did it as to not call attention to themselves. Back then, being caught with a handgun didn't necessarily land you in a Mexican prison as it does today.

Just in case you weren't sure, appendix carry is a means of carrying a holstered pistol, inside the waistband, strong side, forward of your hip, but not centered. Find the spot that works for your build from approximately 12:30 to 2:30 if you're right handed.

Appendix Carry is NOT for everyone and many consider it dangerous, particularly for new gun owners. In this brief summary we will weight the pros against the cons and  you can decide what is right for you.

AIWB is first and foremost very FAST on the draw.
It conceals great on just about everyone. Typically a Tee shirt is all that is needed as a cover garment. Human nature is such that we do not typically stare at each other's privates. As a result, a gun hidden near your crotch will never be as noticeable as one on your hip. If you don't believe me, the next time you meet someone new, stare at their jimmy or hoo-ha and see how that goes.

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AIWB aids in the retention of your gun. It is close to your center where your core strength lies and would be extremely difficult for someone to snatch it from you. You also will not bump into door jambs and such as you may with hip carry.

AIWB can be very comfortable, particularly if your belly isn't too big, your chest is bigger than your waist, and you have a longish torso. Many women find it very comfortable too and find it conceals better than other conventional belt carry methods.

Once you have a gun with a muzzle that is not too long, find that "sweet spot" position to carry it, and adjust the cant properly, Appendix carry is very comfortable for both sitting and standing. You can actually reach it while seated unlike a kidney carry. While seated in vehicle you can also reach it (however we maintain that your carry gun be secured in your vehicle within easy reach instead).

The gun size limit for AIWB is about a Glock 19. I carry my G19 with an RMR often in a Crossbreed appendix holster. In the summer, I carry my Glock 43 in a Blackhawk ARC holster when wearing shorts.

Learn a proper draw

The drawbacks have vehement detractors. The big one is that when holstered, your gun is pointing at Jimmy or your hoo ha OR your femoral artery. Remember though, your gun is holstered in an appropriate holster. Keep your finger off the bang stick and it is not dangerous. My biggest concern is re-holstering during training. Let's face it. If you need your gun in a life threatening situation, re-holstering is not a major concern. There's no rush to put it back. However, during training and doing reps from concealment is where you may get sloppy. DON'T! On re-holster, bend your knees, lean back a bit and thrust your pelvis out. This way you will not muzzle yourself during the re-holster. There is no rush!
We teach students at all levels of proficiency. We meet folks that at first do not want to carry with a round in the chamber. Good instruction and practice gets those folks comfortable to see that carrying with a round in the chamber makes good tactical sense. In a similar fashion, many folks new to concealed carry wouldn't be comfortable carrying AIWB at first. That makes sense. We encourage most new students to carry outside the waistband around 3:00 until they become proficient with their draw. It is simply safer while training and learning the draw - particular during the re-holster process. We do not permit AIWB during most of our group classes simply for safety's sake because of the need to re-holster hundreds of times during class!

​AIWB, is it for you? As always, contact us with any questions or comments!

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