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Grab a Partner

Grab a Partner

Benoit working during a private pistol lesson in West Chester, PA


It takes two

We see people from all walks of life in our defensive firearms courses. They all have varying motivations and expectations in attending. A trend that we notice is more and more students are attending class with a partner, parent and child, husband and wife, co-workers, roommates and so on. Everyone likes a friendly face in a class full of strangers. However, the take away needs to be understood about the opportunity to have a like minded individual become your self-defense partner. Being with a person that is trained increases your odds of survival immensely.


It is important that you both have at least equal training and shoot/train together as time allows. Even more important is communication and discussing the variable in the defense scenarios you might encounter, with each person knowing their specific role. Play the “what if game” and discuss how the encounter could go sideways and the appropriate plan options. You will need to adapt “on the fly” options. It is easier to modify a plan during an attack than it is to have no plan at all. Communication while shooting is very important. We start to teach our students movement while shooting and communicating during exercises in our level 2 and 3 classes. Short concise declarations are key. Simple is best. We favor single words such as “cover me,” “in”, “clear”, and “red”. The actual words aren’t as important as to the fact that you both understand their meaning in advance. Realize that with a male/female partnership, studies show that the male will likely be the focus of the initial attack. Ladies, remember that your training can take over and this will allow you to go on the offensive.

Real life considerations

Car jackings are another consideration. They are likely to come from the driver’s side. What is your plan if you both are armed? We introduce those options in our level 2 classes. Familiarity with your partner’s gun is also key to success. Ideally you carry the same guns or have guns that can share magazines. An example would be a Glock 17 and 19. The spare mags in that scenario can all be G17 mags that fit either pistol. If you do not carry the same or similar guns, take the time to practice and become very familiar with your partners sidearm. Your partner’s gun may be the closest tool to you in certain scenarios. Take the time and practice together. Come to one of our classes and start the process of becoming a team. Take what you learn and build on it. Instead of two panicked individuals in violent encounter, you will become one large force to be reckoned with.

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