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Vehicle Defense

Vehicle Defense

Just as having a concealed carry permit does not ward off evil, neither does having a handgun in your car. Driving with a gun without a plan and training could potentially make a bad situation worse.


Train with a reputable company such as Cajun Arms in West Chester, PA and learn how to effectively stay safe while driving. Meanwhile, here are some guidelines we teach in class.


Be a true defensive driver. Not just while moving, but even when stopped in traffic or at a light. Stay off your phone, don’t fix your makeup, etc. Keep a distance when stopped to the car in front of you I case you need to escape. Ensure you can see the car’s rear tires meeting the pavement in front of you. This will give you enough room for an evasive maneuver. If you are on a one-way street with three lanes, avoid being pinned in the middle lane. Look for a spot where you can jump a curb and use the sidewalk or a shoulder to escape a potential threat. If someone approaches your car, just leave. It could be a threat posing as a panhandler.


Be a hard target. Keep your windows up and your doors locked! Most criminals want easy. Don’t be easy. Look around when you stop. If you notice someone staring at you, keep eye contact.


If something doesn’t feel right, drive away. Make sure it’s safe to do so in order to avoid hurting yourself or an innocent bystander. If you can’t leave, you have a quick decision to make. Comply or fight. No vehicle is worth your life, but if you cooperate there is no guarantee you won’t get hurt. If you’ve given thought to it beforehand, it may help you make a fast, hard decision. If you have kids in the back seat or a passenger beside you, giving in won’t be an option. Even alone, if you are in a bad neighborhood, being on foot could be worse.


Some advice will tell you to wear your gun when driving. We think it depends. If it’s on your belt, and you are right-handed, and your seat belt is on… good luck on a quick draw. We are very insistent not to keep your gun on the seat or center console. There is too much chance of a discharge when grabbing a gun that is not holstered with an exposed trigger when under stress. We suggest a strong magnet or holster mounted to the vehicle console. Ensure you’ve been trained and practiced drawing the gun without muzzling yourself or other bystanders. Know how your round penetrates glass, both windshield and side window. You may need to shoot through it. Side windows are more vertical and little compensation for aim is needed. Windshields are very different because they typically slope and bullets will impact higher than the original aim.


Being prepared to shoot because you are situationally aware is the best bet. If you see someone approaching, and it doesn’t seem right, get your gun in hand. The fastest draw is the one that starts with gun in hand.


If you cannot get your gun deployed and the kids are in the back seat, fight. Fight with everything you’re worth. Learn to fight. Better yet, learn how to disarm someone. Mindset can win the fight, whether with a gun or open hand. Training helps a lot too! Seek it out, then practice. Understanding that “it can happen to you" is the first step in keeping yourself and your loved ones safe when in a vehicle.


As always, Cajun Arms is here with questions, concerns, and training.

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