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Every Day is a Good Day to Be Ready

Every Day is a Good Day to Be Ready

Cajun Arms firearms training


Given the events of this past weekend, I changed my morning routine today while getting dressed. Those of you that know and train with me know I live what we teach at Cajun Arms. I arm myself as I get dressed and either dress around my gear or adjust my gear if I need to dress a certain way.

Today, I put on my outside the waistband holster. I draw and present my pistol much faster from the outside  than from my inside the waistband holster. I purposely chose my Glock 19 today vs. my lower round count Glock 43. I put on two mag pouches today instead of my usual one or none. My flashlight went in my pocket as well. Sometimes I get sloppy and do not carry it. I was ready for whatever the day may bring with my light, my G19 and 46 rounds of HST on board. Lastly, I double-checked my blow out kits in my vehicles.


The bombings, attempted bombings as well as the stabbings in MN made me realize I have been a bit lax lately. You and I are accountable for our own protection and the protection of those we love. You must be ready for the fight if it comes your way. The days of me saying, “Every day is a good day to be a witness, we don’t live in Israel” may be ending. We can no longer ignore an abandoned backpack or briefcase in a public place. We can longer presume that the character acting strangely does not have a knife and would never use it.

This brings me to training. We have been fortunate to have hundreds of students successfully complete Defensive Carry 1. The class is a great start to learn the foundation of defensive pistol. Carry 1 prepares you for the use of your sidearm in a “controlled” defensive situation, such as things that go bump in the night. The class does not prepare you for complex tactical thought processes for an active shooter or self defense in public areas or social settings (nor is it designed to). Only about 30% of our students go on to take additional classes. You need a higher level of training and continued practice with your skills. For your own continuing education in self-protection consider attending our Defensive Carry levels 2 or 3. Level 1 is a prerequisite but you can take 2 or 3 in order or out of sequence. Our level 4 course rounds out the series. Your gun ownership is a huge responsibility. Our training is available to ensure you can successfully deal with the task.

Footnote 12/2022

Cajun Arms offers up to Defensive Carry 6.0... and it is still a good day to be ready

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