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KNIFE VS GUN - A quick scenario to ponder

KNIFE VS GUN - A quick scenario to ponder

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It’s not just about guns. Bad guys do bad things with whatever they have available. Those of you that attend our classes heard us say at least once that engaging in a knife fight is a losing proposition. Typically, there are no winners.

Train for realism

If you cannot avoid a threat with a knife (the best course), or run (the second best), then you will need to defend yourself. “Well, I have my gun. I’ll just shoot him.” Ok, great if you see him coming and you are already in an alert state of being with your hand on your gun. The harsh reality is that a reasonably fit attacker can cover 7 to 10 yards in less than 2 seconds. 

Smooth is fast

Let’s break your reaction time down, presuming you are already in a heightened state of alert. It takes .25 seconds for each of the following to occur: you see a person with a knife, you see he is quickly coming toward you, you realize this actually happening, you choose shoot - don’t shoot (you choose shoot). 1.0 second. Next, you clear your cover garment, draw and present your gun toward threat. 2.0 seconds. You check for innocents around the threat, pickup your sights, shoot perfectly placed combat effective rounds on threat. 1.0 second. Total time 4.0 seconds. See a problem?

Time is the most critical factor. You do not want to stand frozen in place toe-to-toe with the assailant. You must control time and space. Pick one or more of the following: distance, position, or movement. If you can move away, time can be “bought”. If you can place or kick objects such as chair, trashcan, etc, between you and the threat it will favor you. Moving behind stationary objects such as a car, tree, etc, buy you time. If nothing else, a side step or two will force the attacker to think and replan. This also buys time. Time is your best ally.

Close Quarter Training

If you find yourself in a confined area, such as a rest room, elevator or such and cannot create distance, cover your throat with your non-dominant hand and change your position. Move your body to his left side (position 1). Most people are right handed and this puts you in a better position to defend because the attacker will need to come across his body to harm you. If possible, keep moving your position so you are at the attackers left shoulder (position 2). This improves your position even more. The ideal position when distance is not possible is behind your assailant. “Getting his back” (position 3). You need to move and fight to try to gain the most advantageous position possible within your confines. The higher the number, the less damaging your wounds will be from the attacker. Have something in your hands to shield against slashes if possible. Anything. A jacket, briefcase, book, newspaper. Keep moving and try to get to your gun. Don’t just stand there trying to present your gun while you are getting stuck!

Back to the beginning. Be aware when out in public. Avoid!

See you in class. We will be working on some of the above items this weekend!

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